Bench in Village Green Park, Yarmouth, Maine

Village Green Park

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Village Green Park

Care and maintenance of the Village Green Park at the Railroad Station has been an ongoing VIS undertaking since 1911.

One of the first civic projects the VIS undertook was the clean up of the area now known as The Village Green. This area was first a frog pond, and later it became a dump, filled with cans, broken bottles and miscellaneous waste materials. The Society soon turned the park into a beauty spot.

Today the VIS is still actively involved in the care and maintenance of the Village Green Park. A spring "clean up" is usually held in April or May. The VIS also plants summer flowers in various public areas around town.

A new water fountain has been installed to provide a refreshing stop for walkers and joggers. It is also equipped with a "doggie" faucet near the base.