Inside The Old Meeting House
Photo by Bob Delaney/D2 Gallery

Yarmouth VIS Committees

Community Awareness: Reports to the Society about town issues concerning the preservation of the beauty and character of Yarmouth’s village.

Finance: Manages the finances of the Society. Prepares the annual budget and conducts an annual audit.

Hospitality: In charge of refreshments served at each meeting and of all social activities sponsored by the Society such as the Annual Membership Tea and the Christmas Luncheon.

Membership: Directs its efforts to increasing membership and maintains membership records.

Old Meeting House: Supervises the use of The Old Meeting House. Handles reservations for weddings, concerts, and other events. Serves as liaison with the Preservation Committee concerning care of
the building.

Parks: Supervision and active involvement in the care and maintenance of the VIllage Green Park are major activities. Plants summer flowers in various public areas around town.

Preservation: Responsible for the care, maintenance and preservation work involving the Old Meeting House and the Railroad Depot. Oversees all projects concerning restoration of these two buildings. Acts as a liason with the Society and the Town concerning problems relating to preservation of town landmarks and historic sites.

Program: Arranges for programs to be presented at regular meetings of the Society.

Service: Sends cards and provides support to shut-ins and those who are ill.

Special committees include:

The Marker Program, which researchs old buildings and provides historic markers for those which qualify.

The Historian, responsible for recording and preserving the VIS historial records.

Publicity, which notifies the membership of regular meetings and special events.